Market Benefits

For rain ponchos
Market Benefits

Our plain rain ponchos are available in a range of fun colours and are great for camping, fishing, hunting, sporting events, outdoor festivals and much more.

Use our printed promotional rain ponchos as an excellent way to promote your brand, company or unique message in any weather. 

Stand out in the crowd - your bespoke printed rain poncho delivered within 4 weeks. From small businesses to large we can help you keep your brand in the spotlight.  

Some of the benefits
Brand Visibility

Sustainability is trending and companies are looking for fast popular ways to keep the environment safe alongside boosting their brand visibility. Our rain ponchos can be customised in any way with a logo, text or bespoke design.  You can choose a pantone colour that suits your brand theme or go completely transparent. Be as creative as you like!

Lead generation

Due to the outdoor nature of the rain ponchos, it is an ideal product for outdoor marketing. Your brand design or logo will stand out whether it's at a festival, camping, sports, theme parks. Suitable for the general public, adults and children alike.

Customer Loyalty

The promotional rain ponchos used as a marketing tool has a very strong impact on the minds of your customers whilst at the same time projecting a good brand image. Our rain ponchos have been a customer favourite for many years. 

Budget friendly

Rain Ponchos are an inexpensive, eye-catching and incredibly useful. We have supplied many companies with cost-effective means of a promotion with logo printed, personalised rain ponchos. 

Gives Confidence

Regardless of the other clothing you wear, a rain poncho gives you a lot of freedom of movement, giving you or your customer's the confidence to wear them whatever the weather!

Reward Customers

Customer satisfacion is key to any business. By rewarding your customers with a custom printed rain poncho as part of a promotional giveaway can lead to better customer relationships which in turn generate better brand loyalty and increased business.

Example Markets

Our custom printed rain ponchos are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. 

Available in both adult and child sizes the rain ponchos are easy to fold and carry inside a small bag, pocket or even inside one of our poncho balls! 

Here are just some examples of where you can promote your brand or name. 

Wholesale Rain Ponchos for outdoor festivals and promotions
Outdoor Festivals & Promotions

Get your advertising noticed at outdoor festivals. Promo ponchos are a great way of sponsoring an event.

Your brand is seen by everyone there and has a fantastic retention rate, people will keep it and use it again and again!     

Bespoke printed rain ponchos for sporting events
Sporting Events

If you’re looking for a giveaway for the people at sporting events, you can’t beat our disposable rain ponchos. Whether people are in the stands and on the field, they’ll have you to thank for giving them these emergency rain ponchos.

Great for a last minute downpour or wind storm, our plain or personalised waterproof ponchos rank as an all-season winner in the world of promotional products.  

Disposable rain ponchos for Theme Parks and Zoos
Theme Parks

Most people leave theme parks when it rains. Use a disposable rain poncho to get through a downpour and keep having fun whilst everyone else goes home!

Disposable and Reusable Rain Ponchos for holiday parks, hotel resorts, adventure parks and outdoor activities
Recreational Ponchos

Our plain rain ponchos are available in a range of fun colours and are great for camping, fishing, hunting, sporting events, outdoor festivals and much more.

Use our printed promotional rain ponchos as an excellent way to promote your brand, company or unique message in any weather.

Bulk Disposable Rain Ponchos for Personal Protective Equipement (PPE)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our disposable single use rain ponchos, when modified, are among the approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers. During the 2020 pandemic we have been supplying rain ponchos, as an effective alternative to medical isolation gowns remedying the current PPE shortage faced by hospitals, care homes, doctors and dental surgeries all over the UK and Ireland.

Disposable Rain Ponchos for Hair Salons and Barbers
Social Distancing Rain Ponchos

Our rain ponchos are also ideal as hairdressers, beauty salons and barbers capes as a must-have social distancing product. Our printed rain ponchos are a great alternative to the ´traditional´hairdressing gowns. Use once and throw away the plain or printed rain ponchos are a smart alternative. Lightweight and available in a range of fun colours, available for end-user clients as well as wholesale, you are sure to find that our disposable rain ponchos provide protection for your clients and staff.

Rain ponchos for schools

Our plain and printed rain ponchos are ideal for schools and educational institutions. Available in adult and child sizes, the disposable and reusable rain ponchos are especially designed for school trips for the kids and teachers to keep dry on rainy days! Large enough to cover your child, their school uniform and their backpacks from wet weather!

Rain ponchos for hotel resorts and leisure operators
Hotels & Resorts

Give out a rain poncho to your guests at your hotel, resort or holiday park to keep them dry for unexpected downpours. Customised rain ponchos are a great way for parks to enhance revenue.

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